Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Courgette fritters

As a result of overwhelming popular request (1 person asked on Twitter) here's a short photo blog about courgette fritters. Everyone has their own favourite method, this is mine.

Guess who just had courgette fritters for lunch!

1. Slice courgette into strips or discs of even width, season with salt and leave for 5-10 mins

2. Dab away release moisture with a paper towel and season with a sprinkling of cracked black pepper

3. Coat courgette discs in plain flour, then dip in egg, then back into the flour

4. Shallow fry the discs in hot groundnut oil until golden brown. If the discs brown or burn too quickly
just adjust the temperature to allow a slower cook, so the inside of the courgette has time to get tender.

5. Serve sprinkled with salt.


  1. Thanks so much for this - I know you said they were dead simple, but without the photos I can guarantee they wouldn't come out as nice.

  2. My pleasure. I never worry too much about them looking neat and tidy, as you can see. They are just gorgeous.