Monday, 9 September 2013

Surrey Half Marathon and Really Hungry

I cook for a living. I eat for fun. I run to feel as alive as I can possibly feel.

Sometimes I run round circuits. Sometimes I run up hills. Sometimes I run slowly and sociably with friends from my local running group at Fitstuff in Guildford. Sometimes I run as fast as I can until I feel like I am breathing oxygen through a straw. And sometimes I just run and run and run until I just can't run anymore.

Nb: never sit down and rest until you have reached your destination

I'm very lucky to have a number of events right on my doorstep and one of the biggest race organisers in the area are my good friends at AAT Events. So imagine my excitement to learn that they are not only going to be launching the inaugural Surrey Half Marathon next year on the 9th March, but that they want to work with me to publish a series of short video recipes to provide their participants with some healthy training ideas!

So here we are. Over the coming months you'll see me demonstrating how to fuel your workouts, recoup during your recoveries, energise mid run and of course the all important treats for once you've finished the race.

So are you all coming to Guildford in March? You really's going to be absolutely brilliant. Whether it's your first ever half and you just want something to build up to or you are a racing vet with a PB to best. You should come and run with us. March 9th 2014.

See you there.

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