Thursday, 14 October 2010

VRQ1, NVQ2 and a bunch of kids

I'm three weeks into my course now and I'm delighted to inform that after a shaky start things are going really well.  The first week was hell. I discovered on the first day that not only was the VRQ1 full time course far too basic, but that I would have to share it with a bunch of 16 year olds, straight out of school clutching their shiny Ds in GCSE maths and English.  24 hours of worry about my course fees later I discovered that I could change onto the part time NVQ2 and am now surrounded by lots of lovely catering professionals who are eager to progress and do well. It means I have to study for 18 months rather than one year but other than that it's perfect.

So far we have spent a lot of theory time studying bacteriology, health and safety and work flow in a professional kitchen.  More interesting than it sounds to be honest.  From a practical perspective we've made a number of different classic veg dishes. All individually easy but as we had to perfectly cut, cook and serve 6 dishes simultaneously it became a little fraught.  And then this week we learnt how to fillet different types of fish.  My fellow students are lively, funny and dedicated and at least half of them are just as competitive as me so we will no doubt have some fun vying with each other in the future. 

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